My new high-protein super snack is powered by oats + chia.
You get pure plant protein and energy
—without the sugar crash.

Plus, you won't find any fillers like added oil, refined sugar or protein powders here.


"Since my diagnosis, I've tried so many pancake and waffles mixes trying to find one similar to my "normal" one. I received yours and I swear I hear a choir of angels singing as I ate my first plateful of pancakes. Your gluten-free, dairy-free Pancake, Waffle & Biscuit Mix is the best!" —@manoncar via Instagram

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, from one mom to another! Thank you for helping me give my son a normal life, to eat the same foods I loved growing up." Amanda Hill

"Dear Silvana, my kitchen used to be a gathering place, there was always something good on the counters or in the oven. Then the food allergies struck and before every meal, I thought, what can I make that won't make my family sick??? We mostly need to stick to the gluten-, casein- and soy free. Since finding you, the kitchen has once again become a gathering place with something good in the oven! My son is happily taste testing!"  —Karen Bates-Earnest

"I made a chocolate chip cookie cake today using your Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour and everyone said it tasted like a Mrs. Field's cookie!" —Andrea Minsky

"You are a gluten-free, dairy free goddess rockstar!!! I've been following your "normal" recipes in magazines for years and adapting them to be gluten- and dairy-free so I was pleasantly surprised that you wrote a cookbook for your son Isaiah that was dairy and gluten free!!! Now I can make the recipe as is—and everything I've made so far has been outstanding!!!"  —Andie Greenan McCarthy

"My 13-year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease last November and your cookbooks have been a saving grace to the entire family. Thank you and Isaiah for being an inspiration to a lot of people!! —Cathy Stohlman

"Tonight, I made your Mom’s Banana Bread. It's a staple in our house. Five or so years ago watched you do a baking demo in Dallas and it taught me how to make treats that help my kids feel somewhat normal. I've gotten many smiles from your doughnut recipes! Thanks for all the work you do." —Elaine Locke

"THANK YOU!!! We're so looking forward to trying the chestnut flour mixes for my three little ladies! Thank you for suppling the goodness to our alternative lifestyle...HUGS!" —Lauren Ewlin