Spicy Chipotle Shrimp with Jalapeno Green Rice

Next time you feel a cold coming on, reach for your spice cabinet and your fridge’s produce drawer to rev up your immune system. With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and sometimes even antibacterial qualities, spices have long been prized for their medicinal qualities. From breakfast to dinner, spicy ingredients like cinnamon, allspice, […]

OG Morning Glory Muffins

This recipe is a throwback to the days when muffins were actually good for you. You know how much I love my sweets, but these days most muffins you find at your local bakery, supermarket or even in your own recipe box could be labeled cupcakes. But, there’s no reason […]

Triple-Berry Cereal Bars

Grab one of these snack bars for your next on-the-go breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. Do you want to know the best thing about making your own snack bars? You know exactly what ingredients you put in them. You also know just how healthy you can make them because, let’s be […]