Kate McDermott’s Double-Crusted Pear Pie

THAT’S GOOD PIE! These are the golden words every piemaker hopes to hear. When Art of the Pie owner and author of Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life Kate McDermott serves her pies, no one believes they’re gluten-free. Go ahead and taste for […]

Double-Decker Pumpkin-Caramel Pie

Two words: Double. Decker. Two more words: Pumpkin. Caramel. Sure, everyone has a classic pumpkin pie recipe they love—I know I do. But, if you want a real showstopper, this is hands-down your pumpkin pie. So, I did what any baker in my position would do. I merged all of […]

The Proof Is in the Gluten-Free Pecan Pie

Since I started baking gluten-free almost a decade ago, so much has changed. For starters, people actually know what “gluten-free” means. Now at the holiday table, almost all of the traditional foods are possible to make gluten-free, even pecan pie. The best part? Baking gluten-free can result in better-than-regular baked goods. This pecan pie is all the proof you need.