COMING SOON: My Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Flour Blend Company!

I’m opening the ultimate gluten-free, dairy-free flour blend company called Cooking for Isaiah™ (named after my gorgeous son who started us all on this delicious adventure)—and I need your help!

Vote for your favorite packaging—and you’ll be entered to win a $10 COUPON on your 1st purchase!


  1. There are a lot of us that prefer not to use Facebook, so we kind of lose out when it comes to contests and such. I have privacy concerns and prefer not to use that service. That aside, congratulations on the flours and the new cookbook. I will be looking forward to seeing them both. I will head over to Amazon and preorder the book. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hi Mari, thanks for your comment and I hear you about privacy concerns. I have been migrating all of my contests and giveaways to my blog because of this exact issue!

      Also, thanks so much for pre-ordering the new cookbook!
      Best, Silvana

  2. I also do no use Facebook. Same reasons.
    I was excited to see that you have finally started your own flour company! Years ago I thought that would be natural for you, so it’s exciting to see. Yay You!
    As for voting, I have a design degree. I would choose the left package, but with changes. Pancake Mix at top, Based on a True Story smaller and at the bottom. I would’ve named the company Silvana’s since this product is obviously from your giant heart! Only my humble opinion.
    So proud of you and thank you for all your amazing work. Your pizza crust recipe in CFI is our most favorite! Thanks for all the fun and creative recipes!!

    • Hi Kelly Grace,

      I totally respect the need and desire for privacy! Yes, I had wanted to use my name but believe it or not, there were legal issues! Crazy! Thanks for your advice on the packaging and for all of your support through the years!