Gluten-Free Pine Nut Cookies with Homemade Almond Paste

Growing up in an Italian-Jewish family, there was a lot of cooking—and baking. But, it wasn’t until we lived in Rome, Italy, that the holiday traditions of sweets like panettone, pandoro, panforte, torrone, marrons glacés and all the cookies you could ever imagine became mine. Back in New York City, I lived for years in the Italian neighborhood of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. Everywhere I went, pine nut cookies followed. And, I made sure I tried as many of them from local bakeries as I could get my hands on.

While pine nut cookies can be naturally gluten free, I realized that wasn’t always true. Starting with the key ingredient—almond paste—I discovered last week that some popular supermarket brands contain gluten. I found a brand online (Love ‘n Bake) and ordered it, but it wasn’t going to make it in time for me to develop this recipe. So, instead, I decided to make it myself. It was fast, easy and more affordable than the canned or tubed varieties—and it made all the difference.

From my family to yours, we wish you and your family the happiest and healthiest of holidays!

Happy baking,


Gluten-Free Pine Nut Cookies

Yield: 16

You can make the almond paste ahead of time and keep in the fridge, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, for up to 3 days.


For the almond paste:

6 ounces finely ground blanched almond flour, such as Honeyville

4 ounces confectioners' sugar

1 large egg white

For the cookies:

10 ounces homemade or gluten-free store-bought almond paste

1 cup granulated sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 large egg whites

1½ cups pine nuts, for topping

Confectioners' sugar, for sprinkling


  1. To make the almond paste, place the almond flour, confectioners' sugar and egg white in a food processor and pulse to combine. Roll into a log and wrap to seal in plastic wrap.
  2. To make the cookies, preheat the oven to 325º and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Place the almond paste, granulated sugar, salt and egg whites in a food processor and pulse to combine. Place the pine nuts in a medium bowl. Using a 1½-inch ice cream scoop or a rounded tablespoon, scoop the dough and roll in the pine nuts to coat; place 2 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar and bake until golden, about 20 minutes. Place the baking sheet on a wire rack and let cool completely.


  1. I plan on baking a lot! It’s my first gluten-free holiday, so I have a lot of recipes to experiment with!

  2. Oh MY!!! I love these cookies. My Mom did also! As a little girl it was such a treat to have one of these cookies! Now I can make my own!!! Thank you! They look beautiful!

  3. I will be baking my way through the holidays by making my husband’s favorite cookies for Christmas day (shhh it’s a surprise), baking my dad a new recipe of brown sugar pecan cookies, baking the whole family chocolate chip cranberry pistachio muffins for Christmas morning!

  4. I’ll be testing out all these awesome cinnamon roll recipes I’ve been seeing… I’ll probably make some cookies too : ) these look great!

  5. Baking cookies through Advent and bread products the last day or two. Oh, and of course the pies!!

  6. Honestly, I’m trying to avoid baking my way through the holidays this year – or at least eating baked goods through the holidays. Though these cookies (an old favorite) might make that awfully hard….

  7. My mom, sister, and I always spend a day baking all kinds of goodies. Then, we take them to various holiday gatherings, give them away to the neighbors, give as teacher gifts, etc. We get the fun of being together without the added waistline. 🙂

  8. I LOVE baking, so with this being my first gluten-free holiday, I’m experimenting (not always in a good way). 😉 I love reading your posts and trying your recipes. Thank you!

  9. I plan on making scones, cookies and maybe some cupcakes! I have Elana’s cookbooks and alot of my baking will be from her recipes.

    Your cookies look so good that I will try these too!

  10. SO many great new recipes to try just in the Home for the Holidays event ~ and many other new recipes too. Now, which one to try first.

  11. I am trying to avoid baking this holiday season in an effort to eat less baked goods but recipes like these make me want to change my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Will bake my way through holidays as first year that I will have time to experiment with these wonderful gluten free recipes! Also hoping I get wire bread pan from Santa so that I can try Gluten free crusty french bread!

  13. I have an office cookie exchange, some traditional Christmas treats we make every year and some extra baking to give as gifts!! Lots to do. Thanks for the giveway.

  14. I wish I would be able to bake through the holidays but I have a 6 week old, I don’t think I am going to be getting much done! :o)

  15. I am trying to come up with easy things to bake so I can take a variety of things to my mom’s big holiday celebration. My family has decided to make the whole weekend entirely gluten free. All 4 of my older brothers and sisters and their spouses and kids are not GF, but they have decided to do this just for me. I feel truly blessed and special!

  16. I have lots of baking to do in the next few nut bread, cranberry orange pecan loaf (for gifts)gingerbread cookies, cut out sugar cookies (to bake with the kids) rocky road bars and fudge (to bring for Christmas day). Oh and cinnamon buns Christmas morning. Wow! An that’s just the desserts!!

  17. I will continue to recreate old favorites and experiment with new recipes from my fellow blogging friends!! I LOVE the bake!

  18. I have decided to make some candies and try some pumpkin recipes.

  19. I love the idea of pine nuts on cookies! I so badly want to take a whole day and bake several different kinds of cookies, but I can’t seem to decide on which ones! So I’m attempting to “bake my way through the holidays,” but I’m overwhelmed.

  20. This will be our first Christmas with just us in a very long time. It’s also our first Christmas after I started working again. So over my Christmas break, I plan on baking as much GF/DF stuff as I can!

  21. I plan on baking my way through the holidays by completing the quest for the perfect gf Christmas cookie – an adventure for which I have many eager helpers, mostly of the taste-tasting variety!

  22. I’m baking my way through the holidays with lots of experimental recipes! It’s our first year GF and I’m trying lots of new things!

  23. I’m gonna do my best to keep it simple in regard to baking my way through the holidays! There’s only two of us, but with all of the gluten-free baking recipes at my disposal, it’s been difficult to be selective.

  24. I am baking a lot of cookies and treats. I’ve already done brownies and red velvet cake, next week we’ll make our gingerbread houses and sugar cookies.

  25. I still see myself as a gluten free “noob,” as this will be my second holiday gf and well, the last one was just kinda blah… so I’ve been doing a lot of searching for the right recipes and trying to tranlate our current holiday food traditions into something that is yummy AND gluten free. Aebelskivers, sugar cookies, pies…. things like that.

  26. Last year I made lots of gluten free cookies. This year I will make just a few of my favorites and will definitely try this recipe.

  27. Since our boys started GFDF about seven or eight months ago, I’ve had to shift my cooking and baking quite a bit. This holiday season we’re trying plenty of GFDF cookies and enjoying them tons!!!!

  28. Just baking muffins and brownies. And trying to make them as healthy as possible. But these cookies are going to go on the list!

  29. In a family with multiple food allergies, baking is a way of life for me…a way of ensuring that we have snacks, breads and desserts that we are able to eat. During the holiday season, it’s a way of making sure that my family has something to enjoy during Christmas get-togethers. It’s also a way of sharing sweet treats with my son and husband on cozy evenings. So far I have made pumpkin dessert (twice), chocolate chip cookies, apple-cranberry cake and sugar cookies. I also bake sugar-free treats for myself. I’m grateful that gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients and recipes are increasingly easier to come by!

  30. I have already made candy, next will be orange-cranberry bread, shortbread cookies, egg nog cookies, and some pies.

  31. How I’ll be baking my way through the holidays? This year I threw out all the AP flour in the house I was using to bake for others. I bought some Better Batter and King Arthur flours and I’m making Cherry Pie, Pecan Pie, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies (adapting the Jacques Torres ones) and layered Peppermint Brownies. I’ve already baked Orange Almond Cakes with homemade cranberry jam swirl and walnuts; pumpkin cheesecake (with cashews) and other stuff I’ve lost track of. I’d be really glad when January got here except for the HH’s Jan. 6 birthday. You know, I’ve baked other things but my mind is freaking out now that I’ve started listing the ones I have yet to do. 🙂

  32. White chocolate peppermint bark.. Ginger molasses cookies.. Pumpkin scones.. Zucchini loaf.. And that is just the beginning!

  33. I will be making my own gluten-free baking mixes and experimenting with sourdough! wish me luck!

  34. I shared this on Twitter. It looks SO amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I just returned from italy after a year so this will be the perfect thing to make for my family and friends to share some of what I experienced there 🙂 Thanks Silvana!

  35. I shared this on Facebook as well. I know my family and friends will really enjoy reading it and learning about you and the Easy Eats magazine!

  36. I’ve been baking with my daughter for a few weeks now. But I am most excited about my mother coming for Christmas and all of us baking together-3 generations wearing our aprons and baking up a storm!

  37. I’ve been baking already, but plan to bake many more Christmas cookies over the next couple of weeks – many of them family recipes that I’ve converted.

  38. Love this recipe!

    A short cut I use is to buy prepared Almond Paste.

    It’s about $6.99 a pound ~ sometimes I can find

    ‘Kernal paste’ – which is also very good.

  39. This is my first holiday season gluten-free and I’m trying out new gluten-free recipes (I’ll have to add these yummy looking cookies to the list) and working on converting my favorite recipes from before. So far everything’s been tasty!

  40. I love using almond flour or coconut flour in my baking. Some of my favourites to make are carrot cake and coconut flour blueberry muffins! They are both low sugar too, so much less guilt!

  41. I am trying to simply my baking this holiday by trying to use the least number of ingredients as possible. Also, trying to make some raw desserts because they are so healthy!

  42. I plan on baking away this holiday by making all the desserts for the family Christmas dinner. It will be the first time it is all gluten free desserts so I hope everyone in the fam likes them. Awesome giveaways!!!

  43. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been gathering recipes for gluten-free and sugar-free Christmas treats, and I plan on trying out several new recipes to take to my family for Christmas!

  44. This is my daughter’s first gluten free Christmas, so we will definitely be making the gluten/dairy free pumpkin pie from this site again (she loved it at Thanksgiving) and I am on the search for a cookie recipe that will please all of us (gluten-free and not)!

  45. I’m having a blast baking through the holidays this year! I’ve decided to embrace the fun allergy-free desserts and not be SO afraid of using some sugar (past two years I was almost 100% sugar-free). I do recognize the need to not overeat the sugary treats though because they do make me feel badly. It has been fun to try so many new recipes and to see my family ENJOY them!

  46. So much baking this time of year. Cookies galore of course (because cookies almost seem mandatory this time of year), cupcakes, tarts, and pies for potlucks… So many things! 🙂

  47. I love baking, but I am expecting and due in 2 weeks. I am HUGE, so not much of anything is that fun right now!lol. My goal is to bake one treat per week. Gluten free is a new venue for me, but I have a couple of friends to bless. Thanks for the giveaways!

  48. I will be making sugar cookies soon.

  49. I will be baking my way through those holidays CAREFULLY! But I am so thankful for bloggers like you who help me stay clear of gluten and other food sensitivities (others for me are dairy, peanuts, and soy). Great recipe!

  50. I plan on trying not to bake too much, or I’ll eat it all! I will be making pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls, that’s it. Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

  51. I already baked my way through last week so hoping to do a little less baking between now and New Years and just enjoy family.

  52. i am baking through the holidays with gluten free cookies, brownies, pie and peppermint bark

  53. I will be baking through the holidays with your gluten free doughnuts! The whole family loves them, they are so yummy! I have yet to try the pumpkin ones, but they are next on our list!

  54. I will be baking my way through the holidays without the use of grains or dairy and with as little refined sugar as possible! I am planning on some cutout cookies for the girls to decorate, probably something that includes chocolate, an possibly pecan pie!

    Your recipe looks amazing!

  55. cannot wait to try tis recipe

  56. I will be baking my way through the holidays as I modify our most favorite Christmas recipes for our FIRST Gluten-Free Christmas. 🙂 My BIGGEST success so far is that I was able to modify our favorite Sugar Cookie Cutouts. YAY!!

  57. I’ll be baking with almond flour and trying to avoid refined sugar.

  58. We will be baking gluten free and some traditional baking as well. Gluten free baking has become more fun, more enjoyable and more tasty with recipes like these. Thanks so sharing:)

  59. I love to bake. Especially for other people. Baking is like art to me. I love to decorate and make them gorgeous 🙂

  60. Today we are making sugar cutout cookies. There will be big soft ginger cookies, candy cane cookies, and stollen to follow over the next week. Christmas morning will have orange rolls as well.

  61. I have not tried baking cookies yet with almond flour so this will be the first year trying that

  62. Will be doing most of my baking next week. Some that can go in the freezer on Friday, but most I don’t like to freeze; next week will be busy.

  63. I plan on starting Sunday to bake gfe cookies and bars. Toward the end of the week I will be baking gfe pies and cakes. The family is coming over Christmas Eve and I can not wait to share the goodies with them.

  64. We’re 6 wks into being gluten free and this week I made pb cookies, chocolate chip cookie bars, and snickerdoodles for a Christmas party. The pb & snickerdoodles were a success so I’ll be making more for another get together on Sunday at church. Not sure what else I’m gonna try…

  65. It’s my first gf holiday so I will be trying out some new recipes

  66. These look yummy!! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe and opportunity to win! 🙂

  67. I will not be baking this year, my children will. I can’t wait to see the goodies they create!

  68. The cookies look amazing – will be making them.

  69. So quick and easy. Looks great

  70. Michelle W says: I am going to be baking lots of cookies and other gfdf goodies from Cooking With Isaiah, and Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar. From the 2nd book, will be baking their choc chip cookies using So Delicious chocolate mint coconut milk, YUM!

  71. Will be making these for our Christmas!!!

  72. We have two other families that we swap babysitting with throughout the year and they are both gluten-free also. It is so wonderful that my kids can enjoy the day with their playmates and I don’t have to worry that they’ll accidentally eat something that they shouldn’t. I will be baking up a few gluten-free goodies for each family and delivering them in holiday tins.

  73. How will I be baking my way through the holidays? By negotiating my way there. I’m new to gluten-free and my mother really wants to feed me and show me that she can bake for me, regardless of all my food sensitivities. For the first time in my life, I’ll have to persuade her to let me cook or at least to help her out. LOL

  74. I’ve already made some great GF spice cookies as well as some GF cut out cookies that were a flop. Tonight we are attempting a new GF sugar cookie recipe I found. Next up will be some sort of GF gingerbread followed by ???. We will wrap it all up with those amazing looking cinnamon rolls from yesterdays giveaway on Christmas morning (and maybe a trial batch before then 🙂 YUMMMMM!

  75. I’ve been baking cookies all week!!

  76. I’ll be baking my way thru the holidays with 10 different cookie recipes… I’m using mostly all my own recipes, but trying out a few new recipes this year from other gf bloggers like you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  77. I plan on making several GF cookies right before Christmas. GF cinnamon rolls would be awesome too! Thanks for sharing with us!

  78. I LOVE baking (and these cookies look delicious)! I bake every year for my friends. I will buy Christmas decorated tins and use them to package homemade bake goods- mini-bread loaves, cookies, and store-bought candy. It is a huge hit with my friends.

  79. I hope to be baking some sweet breads and cookies!

  80. I’ll be making batch upon batch of cookies to gift our friends, family, and neighbours with. I’ve done it every year since I was 19 and plan on keeping up the tradition with my girls (7 years and 1 year)

  81. Amazing! This Home For The Holidays blog event has introduced me to a lot of new blogs. This being my first GF holiday, I really appreciate it. Also, my family is Italian and I’m SO excited that you featured these cookies. I have already added them to my holiday baking list. Thank you!

  82. This daily giveaway is so exciting! I’ve already started baking my way through with a batch of cookies for my friends and new co-workers. Next up is probably a loaf of bread for my hubby and then more goodies!

  83. I will be baking my way through the holidays by finding “easy” recipes. This is my first gluten free holiday season!

  84. I am baking less these days to limit the sugar, but that just means I am choosing to make more special things! These cookies look great to give as gifts.

  85. I love pine nuts! and I love homemade anything – so much cheaper than store-bought and you can control what ingredients go in it. These are going to be a new holiday favorite, I can already tell 🙂

  86. It’s my 3rd GF Christmas and what used to be scary is now a challenge. To find “normal” recipes and alter them to be GF. I actually have very few duds at this point. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  87. … so many cookie choices, so little time – decisions, decisions, decisions!

  88. Wow! Looks yummy. Can’t wait to try these!

  89. These look amazing! Will be making these for certain…thank you!

  90. These cookies look yummy! I plan to do no cooking at all during the holidays.

  91. This looks good!

  92. I’ll be making killer oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies and use coconut palm sugar as substitute for brown sugar, and a combo of turbinado and xylitol as sub for white sugar. Coconut oil for half the oil — they turn out amazing!

  93. I’d never heard of these before, but they sound quite good. I haven’t started baking yet, I have a few days off before Christmas so I’ll start then, probably with tweaking a Martha Stewart chocolate gingerbread cookie into a gluten free version, we’ll see how it goes 🙂

  94. These are dainty little cookies! I’m looking forward to using ALMOND FLOUR; it don’t like the texture of rice flour – it seems like I have a residue of sand in my mouth afterwards.

  95. I have shared this post on Twitter!

  96. I have also “liked” it on Facebook.

  97. I’m not going to be doing much baking this year. I’ll pick one or two baked goods recipe to try and that will be it. It’s just going to be 4 of us and we don’t need all the usualy baked goods.

  98. Dawn-Marie Valdron

    This will be my 1st gluten,dairy and egg free xmas so I plan on doing a lot of experimenting!

  99. Trying to pace myself with the baking, doing a batch here, and a batch there, poking a few things in the freezer, so we end up with a nice variety of treats, trying to keep them mostly healthy.

  100. posted on facebook

  101. Thank you for posting the recipe for homemade almond paste! My local grocery stores don’t carry any gluten-free varieties, so I’m thankful to know it can be done at home without much fuss. =)

    PS…Love “Cooking with Isaiah”! It’s been a big help in our new GF journey. =)

  102. I will be baking my way through the holidays with some butternut squash-kas! (butternut squash latkes)… okay so maybe that isn’t baking but we’re trying to avoid the baked stuff this year and stick with the healthier options!

  103. I am pretty much baking everyday just to keep up.

  104. I’m already baking my way through the holidays–having a GF baked good on hand at all times is the only way I can behave!!

    Would love to win some GF cookbooks…

  105. The cookies look yummy! I will be baking my way through the holidays by using some delicious recipes from the Home for the Holidays: Gluten-Free Style posts. I’ll be making treats with less processed sugars and no gluten.

  106. I kicked off my baking with gluten free, vegan gingerbread cookies. Haven’t decided what to do next!

  107. I used to bake a lot before being diagnosed and this is the first holiday season I am going to attempt GF from scratch instead of a pkg. I am thinking a couple of cookies and maybe cinnamon buns 🙂

  108. We are still searching for a good gluten free, dairy free cook book that bake from scratch instead of using ingredient from a store bought package.

  109. Wow, these don’t seem to hard to make, but to me seem like “fancy cookies”, so I’ll save making them for a special occasion.

    I don’t have any special holiday recipes but this recipe reminds me when I made a friend of mine her FAVORITE treat – almond croissants – gluten and corn-free. I made the almond paste myself, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. 🙂

  110. WOW these look delish! I’ve been working my way through grain free, casein free, egg free desserts for my little 16 month old. We started with some fantastic brownies yesterday, and will be eating our favorite banana bread mini muffin style! As soon as we get “home” for the holidays (my parents’ house) we’ll start on the fudge (with coconut milk and sugar), and some wonderful looking candies from this same home for the holidays event! Can’t wait!

  111. How is it that baking and holidays always go together?… we all love baked goods but honestly i am trying not to bake too much as there are only 2 of us and the more we bake the more we eat. I started this week with making just one thing. When that is gone maybe we’ll try something else.

  112. I will be baking lots…thanks to all the goodies shared lately. 🙂 I am going to be making some baked goodies as gifts and packaging them in octagonal origami boxes. 🙂

  113. I will be baking a lot. I have already started and will continue to until Christmas! (or maybe New Year’s day.) Love it!

  114. We have started our baking as of yesterday. I make sure we have someone over to help each time, so I can send home the extras and not have them in the house! Yesterday I baked sugar cookies with 2 three year old girls. That was an experience! But fun!

  115. Yum! I can’t wait to try this. I am going to experiment with some sugar alternatives. They look like they will melt in your mouth!

  116. These are so cute – would love to try. I made some peanut butter cookies using almond flour with great success and drizzled some melted dark chocolate on top.

  117. I’ve baked my way through the holidays by making too many batches of sugar cookies. Last one is for a party this Sat, for which I’m also making an almond flour pie crust for my hubby’s peanut butter pie, then I get a break until Christmas morning where I’ll make one of the versions of cinnamon rolls/sticky buns that have been posted through this series (I haven’t decided which one yet.)

  118. This will be our first gluten-free holiday and we will be re-creating all our favorite cookie recipes!

  119. I will be revolutionizing my holiday baking repertoire by baking only gluten-free goodies. No more baking conventional fare for my guests! I have six tried-and-true cookie recipes and I will add one more. This one looks mighty simple and divine!!!

  120. I’m so nervous about starting the gluten-free right after the holidays, but I have found many great ideas here. Thanks!

  121. These cookies look wonderful! I don’t know where to begin baking for the holidays but I better start soon! There have been so many wonderful ideas posted over the last 3 weeks from everyone who has been part of Shirley’s blogging event! I’m starting my baking tonight and have several recipes lined up for this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  122. The “kids” will be baking, as usual. Even though they are pretty grown up now, one in college and 2 high school juniors, my daughter and her cousins keep the tradition of baking Christmas cookies, with my brother-in-law. And yes, they still leave a few out for Santa, and of course carrots for the reindeer! : ) Happy Holidays to all!

  123. Now THESE are cookies I can make for my Italian famiglia! My mother will be so pleased to see that I can make something from my childhood that I can actually EAT!

  124. I will be baking my way through the holidays trying all of the wonderful recipes provided through Home for the Holidays (GF)! There has been such a wonderful assortment of recipes. Thanks to all bloggers who have taken part in this event!

  125. This Holiday season i have found myself trying one new fun recipe a week to make the holidays more fun. I am always looking for new recipes to surprise my family with. the recipes provided on home for the holidays has made it more fun.

  126. I am recently GF, so I just tried my first batch of GF christmas cookies last night. The dough is chilling in my refrigerator right now…I hope it turns out half-way decent!

  127. After 2 1/2 years completely gluten free, I began to “experiment” with little bits of gluten-filled foods. Did okay for a couple of months, then wound up in the hospital with a sudden attack of colitis….not a good experience. Sooooo, this holiday season I’m baking and cooking with a new-found determination to prepare the greatest gluten free food on the planet!

  128. I am not going to start my baking ’til monday. All these recipes have been amazing, so many good ones, THANK YOU!

  129. This looks like a wonderful recipe, but I’m not sure it would be as good with dairy-free cheese.

  130. I liked you on facebook.

  131. I am making quite a few candies this year but not a ton of baking. I’ll make some banana bread, fudge, toffee, muddy buddies (I love that Chex is GF) and peanut butter cookies. I love all of the gf cookie recipes out this year and I will be trying a few of those too.

  132. I’m a bit behind on the planning but plan on hunkering down tomorrow to make a list. I plan to start with the cookies since those last longest and leave the pies for last. I also want to do something a little different this year and have a nice breakfast to get us started on the right foot before all the cooking and baking for Christmas dinner. I haven’t decided yet what I want to bake for that. 🙂

  133. I’m avoiding baked goods right now entirely, but will be making lots of other goodies this holiday season including candies and lots of treats for the doggies!

  134. I’ve made couple batches of cookies but with an unexpected surgery last week and Christmas in on week (haven’t started shopping yet!), any other kind of baking I do will be for Christmas day.

  135. I’ll be “baking my way through the holidays”…without flour! I’ll be focusing primarily on baking delicious sweet potatoes and tons of roasted veggies. It was be quite the healthy holiday. 🙂

  136. I made 13 different kinds of cookies for cookie plates for all my neighbors! I can’t wait to share them all. All GF of course!

  137. I made individual mango breads to give away (plus a big gluten free one to keep). Your recipe sounds delicious. I’ve made almond paste in the past starting with whole almonds, but your suggestion of using almond flour would make it that much easier.

  138. These look nifty, never heard of them before.
    Just yesterday was my family’s “cookie baking day” we fill all of my tables in the house with ingredients and bake and bake and bake. It is rather fun.This year I have been experimenting with different cookies, bars, ice cream and even cakes. It has was a blast. I think that now the semester is over, I will have more time to make things that I can eat! Yummy, yummy!

  139. I LOVE baking, especially around the holidays and love experimenting with new recipes!

  140. I love to bake during the holidays! I may even try these pine nut cookies! They look delicious!!

  141. the almond paste is so easy to make, thanks for the recipe for that and the cookies. Love that they are so easy to make.

  142. I’ve pretty much done all my baking this holiday season, but am always finding excuses to do more! These cookies look amazing. Where do you find gluten free pine nuts? I find it very difficult to find nuts that are not cross contaminated.

  143. Just beginning transition to gluten free. So far my holiday baking is
    gluten free. Will try this recipe for sure as I love almond anything.

  144. I will be baking my way through the holidays with a version of Pumpkin Pie I bake in Ramekins! And also Coconut Macaroons!!

  145. I will be making a chocolate torte for Christmas Eve dinner with my children.

  146. Well, I’ve already made some yummy gingerbread cookies…but more than baking, I’ll be making chocolate truffles this weekend for gifts! Pignoli cookies look amazing. Is there anywhere that sells cheaper pine nuts??? They are soo expensive these days.

  147. I’ve got dinner rolls to bake, as well as a lentil-walnut loaf and as many cookies as I can find time to make!

  148. My daughters and I will be making sugar cookies tomorrow, followed by g-f bread and rolls. Can’t wait to smell the house!!

  149. Another cookie to add to my holiday baking… Just wanted to say I love your cookbook.. I got a signed copy at the Appetite for Awareness…..

  150. I will be baking some of these GF recipes for my family on Christmas weekend. Santa may even appreciate the GF treats!

  151. I will definitely try baking this delicious recipe for the holidays. Since it uses just egg whites, it will pair well with one of my family’s holiday baking traditions: We make a simple sugar cookie recipe and use our collection of holiday cookie cutters to make snowmen, angels, santas, stockings, etc. Then we “paint” the raw cookies with a egg-yolk-and-food-coloring mixtures. So fun for grown-ups and kids.

  152. Thanks for doing this! I love trying your recipes from your book and I am sure this will be just as good.

  153. These look really good! I am going to be attempting my first gluten free cookies this year – and am gathering all the goodies I need for them. I really want to add these cookies to my list!

  154. just tweeted this recipe!

  155. I will be baking these cookies and more!We also bake a cake for baby Jesus!

  156. I’m not much of a baker becuase I don’t fully “get” the flour substitutions to convert my favorite gluten recipes, but these pignolis look so amazing I’m going to have to try them! *drool*

  157. I love pine nut cookies and can’t wait to try these. I will definitely try these. Yum!!!!

  158. Ok, so simple and delicious! This is my first GF holiday season and I’m actually loving it with all the fun recipes to experiment with. Looking forward to all the time spent with family this season!

  159. Well, Lyme disease took away my ability to enjoy baked goods (wheat and all) but your website has been a joy to learn from and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in hopes my husband won’t mind Christmas without wheat!! Thank you for blazing the trail for those of us new to the GF lifestyle–you’re such a gem to share what I’m sure took a lot of time and frustration to learn! THANK YOU!!!

  160. We are going to be baking as many GF cookies that our oven can put out starting Sat AM Thanks for the chance to win. Dee

  161. oh my goodness! you had me at pine nuts but sealed the deal with almond paste. what a great recipe! and it goes hand-in-hand with this weekend’s baking. i’m making banket–a dutch treat that uses…ALMOND PASTE!

  162. I’m not quite sure how I’ll be managing during the holidays as I’m very new to GF eating. It is wonderful to discover it is not as restrictive as I initially thought! Thanks for the great cookbook giveaways — I’m sure anyone beginning this journey will be grateful for this “hands on” help!

  163. This is my first gluten, dairy free holiday and am looking forward to experimenting. THANK YOU for this recipe! I married into an Italian family and up until six months ago it was almost exclusively what I cooked. It’s been a tough adjustment. His family makes wonderful Italian cookies around the holidays and I’m really looking forward to baking these cookies so I can feel a part of that tradition.

  164. Starting my baking today…a combination of gluten-free and low carb recipes…can’t wait to start sampling!

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  166. today is the day i start my christmas cooking and i am so excited to be doing it gluten free!!!!! i have already tried some of the cookies and of course changed them. there are so many non-refined sugars out there now. i just got one in yesterday called slimtevia that i will use with this recipe. stevia,coconut sugar,agave and old standbys like maple syrup and honey. so many choices and recipes how wonderful is that!!!! thank you for doing this

  167. this is month 4 of my gluten free life!
    i LOVE to bake so my husband & i will be experimenting with new gf recipes as well as attempting to convert old family favorites.
    our main mission this holiday season is to prove to our italian/greek family that gluten free is not a death sentence….i think these pine nut cookies will do just the trick! happy holidays!

  168. sugar cookie cut outs, scotheroos and cream cheese fudge so far!

  169. I will be making sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, pies, and maybe some sweet quick breads too!

  170. I’m so excited to find recipes for baking GF that taste and feel like “normal.” I had reputation for baking great goodies, but found out I was celiac about 3 years ago. After several major disappointments, I gave up baking. With these great blogs and cookbooks, I’m starting to bake again!

  171. Of course I’ll be “baking my way through the holidays” gluten-free! Thank you for this yummy recipe, and thanks to all the other GF bloggers out there too – I’ll be baking lots of new goodies this year!

  172. I will be baking my way through the holidays by making gift bags of treats for friends, co-workers and supporters of the non-profit where I volunteer.

    These cookies look great. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  173. My baking will consist of a gluten free fruit cake, gingerbread cookies, something cranberry which I haven’t decided upon yet and some cinnamon buns for Christmas morning. I am cooking the turkey and dressing for our family gathering of Christmas dinner.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  174. Silvana, your cookbook and website have been a lifesaver to my mom, her sister and I (all now *mostly* GF)! We will be baking our way through the holidays together and we’ve never felt better. If it weren’t for you and Isaiah, we’d starve! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  175. I’ll be baking my way through the holidays gluten and refined sugar free!

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  177. I just made Heidi Kelly’s GF peppermint bark – these are next and will go in my holiday tins to give away as gifts!

  178. As my sister has done more than enough cookie baking for both of us already, I believe I will help her by making paleo bread (Elana’s – love it!) and meatloaf and some other dishes to balance out the sweets 🙂

  179. This is our first year GF and I am not baking my way through the holidays. Its been a big struggle so I’m happy to find your blog. I LOVE your CFI cookbook – – its my favorite GF so far.
    Hope to win some GF prizes and expand my knowledge.

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  183. I will be baking my way through the holidays with cookies and pies! And monkey bread!

  184. Caught your webinar last night. It was very encouraging. Food has always been an important part of my life too. Especially holiday baking. When I first discovered I could no longer have wheat or dairy I was devastated. But, I have been baking cookies, cupcakes, and made a pizza crust that I’m happy with. These successes have inspired me to try to rework more of my favorite recipes. Thank you for sharing your own story. You are an inspiration. I’m not familiar with pine nut cookies but these look wonderful and I love the idea of making my own almond paste. Thank you!

  185. Hi Sue, thanks for joining the webinar and for your sweet comment. I hope you have many more recipe successes, especially with my pine nut cookies! I love the almond paste. It’s so easy and fresh tasting!

    • Hi Silvana, I made the G/F Pine Nut Cookies as directed however it was too wet to form a dough? The almond paste came out correct (6 oz = 3/4 cup & 4 oz = 1/2 cup) firm not hard. The recipe calls for 2 large egg whites should it be 1 large egg white? Thanks for any help you can provide. Due to health conditions my wife is G/F & D/F, this has helped her to stop taking the very strong medications that weren’t much help any way.