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This is me before…and after. Now, I want to be there for you.

I’m a mom of two amazing kids—Isaiah, now 19, who through his gluten and dairy intolerance diagnosis nine years ago, made me realize we truly are what we eat—and Chiara, 9, who knows more about being healthy than I ever did as a kid.

When I was pregnant with her, I gained 65 pounds, which can happen when you eat a pint of Häagen-Dazs chocolate-peanut butter ice cream every day for nine months.

I didn’t recognize myself—even after I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to fit into my favorite jeans. I wanted to be happy in my own body.

I realized I was really good at taking care of everyone but myself. After all, isn’t that what moms do?

Something had to change, so I came up with a plan: I needed to change my daily habits. My body was obviously not happy with me—I was bloated, moody, lacked energy and couldn’t sleep. Really, I just wasn’t myself.

Once I started my journey back to me, my real motivation came from feeling alive again. Looking great in the mirror was just an added bonus. If you’re ready to change your daily eating habits, I can help you find your way there. All you have to do is show up.

How did I get here? Same reason you did.

I’ve helped thousands of people reclaim their health—and happiness—through my best-selling cookbooks and tried-and-true recipes. Let me help you heal your body so you can feel great…so you can feel like you again.


My Food Lifestyle Programs

The 7-Day Detox Energy Burst

The original, super simple diet I created nine years ago to get back my energy and feel like myself again.

$99 for 7 days

• Step-by-step 7-day menu planner with 21 recipes!
• Quick start guide
• Individual intention setting
• Dietary assessment and food allergy modifications
• Grocery shopping guide with recommended food brands
• Community member support
• Daily motivational emails with lifestyle and cooking tips

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21-Day Total Habits Reset

A true lifestyle game changer complete with practical, sustainable guidance for eating at home and in restaurants.

$199 for 21 days

• Step-by-step 21-day menu planner with 50 recipes!
• Two private 20-minute one-on-one virtual sessions over FaceTime or Skype
• Quick start guide
• Individual intention setting
• Dietary assessment and food allergy modifications
• Grocery shopping guide with recommended food brands
• Private community member support with daily check-in by me
• Daily motivational emails with lifestyle and cooking tips to help stay on track

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Allergen & Lifestyle Makeover

Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Vegan? Paleo? Get my cheat sheet to make a seamless, satisfying and tasty transition.

$75 for 1 session

• Virtual or in-person pantry, fridge and freezer makeover
• Check-in session over FaceTime or Skype 1 week post-makeover
• Dietary assessment and food allergy modifications
• Grocery shopping guide with recommended food brands

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Customized Programs & Services

I get asked all the time about fulfilling personalized needs. Makes sense to me since every body is unique and so are our daily lifestyles.

Ask for a price

• Hands-on cooking instruction
• Private movement training for increased energy, range of motion, flexibility, strength, improved digestion, weight loss, increased bone density, balance and posture
• Ready-to-eat energy snacks, protein bars, flour blends, etc.
• Personalized in-house weekly menu planner and prep

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“Thanks for supplying my family the goodness in our Paleo food lifestyle…HUGS!”
–Lauren Ewlin


“Silvana’s 21-Day Reset was simple and easy to follow. She provided a wonderful framework for me to reset my body’s natural state of vitality. I lost a lot of bloat and feel great. I plan to continue the eating principles she taught me. I’d recommend this program without hesitation!”
Marci Baron


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me give my son a normal life.”
–Amanda Hill


“As a guy who loves to eat and has never dieted, I was skeptical to sign up for a 7-Day Detox, but over the last few years I haven’t felt like my young active self and I knew I had to make a change. Silvana’s program and daily encouragement made what was at first an intimidating experience one where I quickly started seeing positive results. While I didn’t sign up to necessarily lose weight, I did lose 9½ pounds! Now I have more energy, better concentration and feel healthier overall.”
Christopher Zappala


“You are a gluten-free, dairy-free goddess! All of your recipes are outstanding!”
–Andie McCarthy

What You Can Expect


This is all about getting to know the program—and each other. What your individual goals are, if you need any food allergy modifications and pantry prep.


This is the heart of the program. I check in with you through daily emails and online community group to see how you’re doing and feeling—our feelings inform our actions.


Pause to realize how much has changed in a matter of days—whether you chose the 7-day or 21-day program. Now this is the world according to you. How amazing is that?!

Are My Programs Right for You?

Just send me an email and let’s talk together about where you are and where you want to be. Email me at

My Professional Credentials

Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine Founding Editor-in-Chief
Food & Wine Magazine Editor and Food Columnist
Saveur Magazine Editor and Cookbook Author
Taste of Home Magazine Gluten-Free Expert
Food Network Food Columnist
Natural Gourmet Institute Cooking Instructor
Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) Cooking Instructor
Organic Krush Café Recipe Consultant

I’ve developed recipes for national brands, including Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, Bob’s Red Mill, Shiloh Farms, Van’s Natural Foods and General Mills.

I’ve been featured in The New York Times, New York, TimeOut New York, Dr. Oz The Good Life and on NPR, Good Morning America and For a complete list and story links, see PRESS.