Bread Every Day, Your Way Recipe Contest!

When Isaiah was first diagnosed with gluten intolerance, bread was the first food he lost that really mattered. Think of how many times kids—and really all of us—eat bread in some form or another throughout the day. Breakfast means bagels, toast, French toast, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread; lunch means a sandwich on focaccia, sliced bread, flatbread, wrap; dinner means garlic bread, baguette, pull-apart rolls, breadsticks, stuffing, pizza, bread pudding…

Bread was one of the first foods I tried to replicate. Now, I want to do the same for you!

“I want to bake for you! Tell me what recipe would make your bread dreams come true!”

Tell me which classic sweet or savory bread (cornbread, focaccia, brioche, etc.) you’d love me to make gluten-free and dairy-free. I’ll randomly select 5 winners and develop your recipe for my next e-book, which will be released on March 20 in celebration of the first day of Spring!

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Even if your recipe request isn’t selected, 3 lucky winners will receive a 2.5 pound bag of my best-selling Bread, Pizza & Cinnamon Roll Mix—shipping included!



  1. I would love a gluten free challah recipe. I have tried many different recipes and mixing some up and still have not come up with one that tastes great. In order to make a blessing over challah, it must contain a greater percentage of oats which is difficult to work with. I have also tried making it even if you can’t use it to make the blessing on the sabbath. Thank you!

  2. I’d love to see a brioche recipe!

  3. Croissants!

  4. I would love a gluten free tortilla recipe please!!! (not corn tortilla)

  5. I miss so many gluten-filled bread items as these used to be a staple in my diet for nearly the first 25 years of my life! Although my stomach no longer believes I need/deserve/can tolerate them, my mind, heart, and soul still crave it. While we have access to many good tasting gluten-free items nowadays, there are some items that just aren’t the same. I could go on with an entire list, but think I’ve narrowed it down to 2 things- cinnamon rolls (the pillsbury kind, you know, the good soft/gooey and not chewy kind) and bagels. To narrow it down even more specifically, everything bagels!!!!!!

  6. A great gluten free cranberry orange bread would be awesome!

  7. I would love a pumpernickel bread…the dark ones like they serve at Long Branch Steak house and other places. Kind of sweet and sooooooo good! Thanks Sylvania…you are a genius!

  8. Potato bread!

  9. Silvana, I love the flour! I made some awesome corn waffles, except I need to decrease the baking powder.
    Holly & Sonya asked what I was going to ask. Is it possible to make rye bread gluten-free? Actually, I like the two-tone rye bread with caraway. I would also like to make some cranberry English muffins. Yum!

  10. I’m sorry to write again. I want to buy a new bread machine. Could you give me an idea which one would be a good buy? I have one now that has a paddle that can’t be removed, so I am looking for one that can be removed.

  11. I miss sourdough bread terribly. Extra sour sourdough. Super chewy and crunchy crust. Yup, that’s what I miss the most.

  12. Croissants would be wonderful!

  13. I would love a great bread recipe- similar to a honey wheat bread I used to make often. And a white cake recipe that is light and fluffy- not dense!

  14. Scones….oh my how scones were a devastating loss for us. Everyone’s favorite breakfast. ..weekday…weekend…. any and every flavor. Although my kids would probably roll over for a chocolate chip variety!!!

  15. Cream Cheese Pound Cake 🙂

  16. My son has celiac disease. I have tried to find a puff pastry or brioche recipe that works for the baker in me and my I wish I could have a frank in a blanket son. Thanks for asking

  17. Bobka. It’s a polish bread my grandma used to make every Easter to be blessed. We would each get a loaf to open the morning of Easter as the family searched for eggs. We would even make it for Christmas as a ‘sweet bread’. It’s made with eggs water, orange zest and yellow raisins. We would sometimes sprinkle nonperells on too for the sweetness. YUMMY!! It brings back such fond memories of my childhood!! I would like to pass on the tradition to my 2 boys!!

  18. Hi I would love sourdough bread. If possible. Thank you!

  19. Cinnamon raisin bread

  20. I would love Cinnamon rolls, English muffins, Pizza crust and Sourdough bread to be gluten free and dairy free.

  21. Please make potato rolls/bread! It is a family tradition to eat them during the holidays, and I haven’t had them in 4 years.

  22. Tortillas!! Sandwich bread! Crescent rolls!

  23. I’d love a good molasses bread recipe!

  24. I miss baguettes with that crusty crust that has bits fly off when you bite into it, yet is soft and chewy on the inside. Thanks for asking…

  25. Croissants, Raisin bread and Challah…would make me sooooooooooooooo happy!!!

  26. I real miss puff pastry. Can you do that gluten and dairy free?

  27. Pulla, a Finnish cardamom bread… so good!

  28. I would love a light fluffy yeast roll!

  29. Gosh, we would love gluten free, dairy free croissants! The dough could be used as a puff pastry for savory and sweets, let alone a big, fat croissant with coffee. YUM. I’m excited to see what you choose to bake and love that it’s always gf/df! 🙂

  30. Oh my goodness!!! My dream come true would be a recipe for English muffins that actually taste like them…you know, with the little nooks & crannies!!! Oh, and crumpets with the little holes. A little taste of Heaven for sure…only remembered in a dream. Thanks Silvana!

  31. Hamburger and/or hot dog buns!

  32. Brioche, for sure! Yummy French toast or bread pudding bread. I’d love to try your new mix, as my husband and I religiously follow the Cooking for Isaiah already. Thanks for all you do for those with allergies!

  33. I am dying to re-create my Italian grandmothers Easter bread recipe. The recipe was given to her by my Meme (her French-Canadian mother-in law) when she married my grandfather. It is a family staple and I have been missing it so much over the years. I’ve attempted in the past to re-create it however I have not succeeded. I would be forever greatful!

  34. A fresh loaf of italian, or french bread. I would love to find a good recipe for bagels, cause Udi’s still isn’t the taste i’m looking for store bought. Also, a light, and fluffy sandwich bread recipe . Please? I’m so disappointed that none of the recipes i’ve gotten for gluten-free sandwich bread taste good; their too heavy, and bland. Do you have a excellent recipe for sandwich bread that you could possibly share with me?