Silvana’s Kitchen Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour

Silvana’s Kitchen Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yield: About 4 pounds

This recipe is reprinted with permission from Cooking for Isaiah by Silvana Nardone (Reader's Digest, 2010)


6 cups (870 grams) white rice flour

3 cups (375 grams) tapioca flour

1½ cups (246 grams) potato starch

2 tablespoons (17 grams) xanthan gum

1 tablespoon (10 grams) salt


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, salt and xanthan gum. Transfer to an airtight storage container and place in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.


    • silvana

      Yes, you can use brown rice flour. The texture will be slightly heavier as it would if you were using whole wheat flour in place of unbleached all-purpose flour. Thanks for stopping by! Talk soon, Silvana

    • silvana

      Hi Angie, the flour blend will last indefinitely in the fridge or even the freezer. Honestly, I leave mine in my dry pantry and I’ve never had it spoil. I do go through it pretty fast though, so it will depend on how quickly you use it up! Talk soon, Silvana

    • silvana

      Hi Ginger, every ingredient change you make in any recipe and especially, a gluten-free flour blend, will result in a different recipe outcome. I’d stick with the potato starch. Both cornstarch and potato starch (not potato flour) have neutral flavors. Hope that helps! Talk soon, Silvana

    • silvana

      Hi Ginger, the results would be slightly different. Potato starch and corn starch have different moisture absorption levels. Both are equally flavorless…hope that helps! Talk soon, Silvana

  • Jennifer

    I tried to make your bialy bread slabs and they didn’t rise at all and didn’t seem to cook on the inside. I followed the recipe so I’m not sur what happened. How do you measure your cups – by weight? Do you scoop into your measuring cup? Any trouble shooting ideas. Also I made your roast beef with horseradish sauce and it was DIVINE!

    • silvana

      Hi Michelle, you can use guar gum. In my baking experience, there’s only a slight difference in overall ingredient performance in terms of the structure and texture of the finished baked good.

    • silvana

      Hi Ellen, yes, it can definitely be used for a roux. I would recommend leaving the salt in. You do not need to adjust your overall salt quantity used in the recipe. Totally up to you!

    • silvana

      Hi Patty, yes, please go ahead and make the recipe without the salt. Thanks for stopping by! Talk soon, Silvana

  • Donna

    I usually sift my flour before measuring out a blend and it is a lot of extra work if I don’t need to do it. I got a scale to weigh it but don’t always find the weights published. What do you do?

  • K

    Thank you, Silvana, for explaining in a clear manner why some substitutes work and others do not. In reviewing your math for your 60/40 mix, proportions are more 57.5/42.5% [6 + 3 + 1.5 = 10.5 cups] by your formula. How do we best calculate modifications of this basic blend using 60/40? Is weight used & converted to cups? Is this a better way to figure GF flours? Do help us understand please. Thanks.

  • Tiffany

    Where oh where did you buy these gorgeous containers? I have Cooking for Isaiah, in my case it’s cooking for Isaac. My little guy is 2 and is gluten,dairy, corn free. Your recipes are by far some of my favorite! My good friend Jasmine Jafferali told me about you and so glad she did. Best!

  • kelly

    question for you, I live in Brazil and they sell this tapioca flour thats kept refrigerated, its rather light and fluffy like texture (almost like powdered sugar) and goes bad really fast…I havent tried it yet but I’m wondering if this is the same as the tapioca flour over there? (these kinds of products are difficult to find here, I suspect this isnt the same stuff)…..thanks!!

    also I can’t find potato starch here, is it something I can make in by dehydrator with potatoes then pulverize them?

    • kelly

      me again, also I don’t have access to either guar gum or xanthan gum……any other option? (I’ve never used these ingredients either so not sure of their purpose or how to sub out)

        • silvana

          Hi Kelly! Tapioca flour is definitely like confectioners’ sugar in texture. In the U.S., I find it on store shelves (not in the fridge). I’d also say that mine lasts for months again unrefrigerated, so I’m thinking these are not the same thing. Also, I don’t know how to make potato starch and as far as a xanthan/guar gum substitute, I haven’t found one with equivalent baking properties. I’m really sorry! Please let me know if you discover anything in your experiments. Best, Silvana

          • kelly

            thanks, I’ve just been inquiring around apparently they have sweet tapioca flour (used for crepes) and sour/savory tapioca flour (for pao de queijo they use a blend of both)….so I should be able to find the savory which is shelf stable, and the sweet which is ‘wet’ is not (keeps in freezer they say).

            I googled potato starch and there is a way to make, sounds like a lot of work, but until I can get someone traveling to bring, I’ll attempt it …potato flour is easier (I have a dehydrator).

            gumgar subs, I found this (flax and chia seeds)…..but it’ll take some playing as you say, unfortunately things are so expensive here I can’t afford to test things (3 times or more what you pay)

            sorry, I should have tried google first!!

          • Julie

            I used to make German potato pancakes and I would shred the potatoes and put them in water. Then squeeze them out. There would be potato starch at the bottom of the bowl. I would then carefully drain the water out and the starch would be on the bottom. I then would let it dry. I was just trying this out and it worked. Maybe that would help for getting potato starch.

    • silvana

      Hi Parwin, thanks for writing! I buy my gluten-free flours at my local health food stores and Fairway Market. I get my tapioca flour from Shiloh Farms.

    • Lauralee Brennan

      Good morning Silvana,
      I am curious about a statement written by you in your idea of how to make food thats GF taste better and your son. You stated that one should use the least amount of GF ingredients as possible, by as much as half. So are you mixing regular flour with GF flour in a recipe and if your son is G intollerent, as is my daughter, well, this would double her over in pain. So i guess im saying i dont understand what youre saying.

      • silvana

        Hi Lauralee, sorry if what I said was confusing. I meant that recipes that require large amounts of flour (and therefore, large amounts of gluten-free flour blend) can be more of a challenge than others that require less flour. I try to keep all of my recipes at about 2 cups or less gluten-free flour blend. Does that clarify my comment? Hope so! If not, just let me know. Best, Silvana

  • Malinda

    Hi Silvana,
    Do you know if there is a sub for bread flour? I have a recipe that calls for white whole wheat flour, I know I can use the mix above for that but it also calls for 1/2 cup of bread flour.
    Thanks for helping!!

    • silvana

      Hi Lori, you just swap my flour blend cup for cup for regular gluten-full flour. Hope that helps! Talk soon, Silvana



    • silvana

      Hi Beverly, so nice to hear from you! Happy you’re enjoying the flour blend! Talk soon, Silvana

    • silvana

      Hi Erin, I haven’t tested the blend our with tapioca substitutes. Typically, I’ve seen people swap in other starches, like more potato starch, arrowroot, etc. Please let me know if you give it a try! Talk soon, Silvana

  • Maria

    Hi Silvana ~ I would love to know where you get your pretty glass jars from. It has been hard to find some here.

    • silvana

      Hi Rhonda, another reader left a comment on my sandwich bread recipe, which uses a variation of this flour blend recipe. Hope it helps!

      From Gail—Just wanted to add a comment that I made this recipe last in my Zojirushi bread machine on the gluten free setting and it turned out GREAT! Best GF bread I have tasted yet. I did have to smooth the top once the baking cycle started, and next time I will remove the mixing paddles (they left BIG holes in the bottom of the loaf). I have shared this recipe with my entire family.

      • Monica

        Hi, I am new to making GF breads, but when I make my regular breads, I always remove the dough from the machine because I find it goes stale very quickly if I let it do the baking..and shape and place it in a regular bread pan to bake..and yesterday was my first time with a bought mix for GF bread, and I did the same thing.I scooped it into a bread pan and set it above the oven to rise,while baking the 1st batch..(I found it needed the extra heat to rise, but it did, not a high rounded top but ..filled the pan.I also found it took longer to fully bake.)AND thank you for posting how to mix my own all purpose flour heading to town to grab some tapioca flour and potato starch today..and will give that a try..

  • Jacquelyn

    Hi Silvana,
    My mom and I love your recipes and your cookbook has been a lifesaver for us! One of my friends is wondering if your flour mix can be substituted in recipes from other sources or cookbooks like a regular flour would be. Thanks!

    • silvana

      Hi Jacquelyn, thanks for your sweet comment! Yes, you can absolutely use my blend, cup for cup, in any recipe, as you would with regular flour. Talk soon, Silvana

    • silvana

      I haven’t tested my blend without rice flour. But, I know there are other cookbook authors with rice-free blends and even grain-free blends. Hope that helps!

  • Caroll Lee

    Hi Silvana, any chance you could provide the weight equivalents for your GF all purpose flour mix? It’s so much faster and easier to dump the flours in a bowl on my scale than measure out with cups!

    My family loves your chocolate chip cookie recipe so much, we think they’re actually better gluten free than with wheat!

  • Missy

    Hi Silvana,

    I just want to thank you for this amazing flour mix you created. My son has been on a gluten free diet for over 6 years & I have tried every mix & brand out there. Nothing has ever come close to the results I have had with your mix. I’ve only had the book for a week & have already made 4 recipes from it-each one was absolutely delicious!! My husband thought the super fudge brownies were really a box of Duncan Hines! They didn’t taste gluten free at all!

    Your recipes are life-changing!! Thank you again so much!!!

  • Christy

    Hi Silvana 🙂

    I also do want to thank your for this amazing cookbook and the emails with more recipes. I have been gluten-free for over two years and my life would NOT be the same without your cookbook! So- THANK YOU 😀

    I have two questions-

    I do usually always use the Shiloh Farms tapioca flour, but Im in Australia for the next few months and cant easily get it here. I have previously used other tapioca flours (eeeww- bitter!!) but was wondering if you have heard of any other brands that arent too bad, or if there is a way, lets say to just taste the flour, to see it is bitter before baking?

    And the other question is if you have ever made any of the breads/pizza without yeast? I think once I did make the bialy breads with lemon and baking soda (I believe), and it didnt turn out too bad at all. Or have you ever heard of a substitute for yeast?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Grace Konopka

    Hi Silvana:
    I absolutely love your site. I am glad that you took a challenge in your son’s life and turned it into a positive and made it a better and productive helpful experience for the rest of us. I do not have celiac disease but am trying to go gluten free. Soon my tests will reveal exactly what I am intolerant to. In the meantime i would like to ask you if you have any caloric information to any of your recipes which would be extremely helpful as I am trying to lose weight. What I’m most afraid of is that using any alternative flours to wheat is might be adding as much carbs as regular flour if not more. I would appreciate any suggestions of additional info. Thanks and God Bless you and your family. Grace K.

  • Julia Tedder

    is it possible to swap the tapioca in your flour mix for something else? im also allergic to tapioca!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t find a flour mix that does not contain it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silvana Nardone

      Hi Julia, you can try using more potato starch or cornstarch. I haven’t tried it myself, but these are typical swap-ins. Let me know how it goes! Talk soon, Silvana


    Good morning Ms. Silvana. I was attempting to order the Tapioca flour that you recommended from Shiloh Farms and found that there are actually two available for purchase. One doesn’t state Gluten Free and the other has it listed on its label. Both products have this line in their product description:
    This is the Tapioca Flour recommended by Silvana Nardone in her book Cooking for Isaiah.
    Since your recipes are meant to be gluten free, would you be able to direct me to the one you preferred? Thank you so much in advance,


  • Connie

    Hello there! I am looking for your GF Pancake mix recipe… I would really like to try it… i cant seem to find it 🙁 I use your flour mix and I love it.. Help? 🙂 Thank you!

  • Sharon Pattee

    Will your flour mix work for pita/Syrian bread?
    Also, can I use this flour blending my regular roll recipe? Meaning can will it result in a dough that allows me to shape by hand the rolls? My family is missing my homemade rolls.

  • lisa

    I just joined your site. I’ve been searching high and low for a 1 to 1 sub-in for GF flour. Thank you for posting this. I can finally start baking again!!!

  • christine

    Your book was the first one I purchased after my 16 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac…Wonderful resource!! I heard if I use your gf flour mixture in one of my regular recipes, I should double the baking soda and/or baking powder. Is that is necessary?

  • Karym

    I usually avoid any comment, but I have to say that your book helped me a lot. My kid doesn’t have any alergy but my husband does and with your recipes I found that I only have to make one kind of dessert and works for both. And the pizza, is by far the best one we tried! Again thanks for you and your comit to give us an alternative that is like or better than “the normal”.

  • Laine

    Thank you…. (weep!) my little girl has been brave about facing a GFDF diet in a glutinous dairy filled world, but I am so glad to be able to bake for her using your recipies!!! I have found most of the ingredients at the Korean market. So far we LOVE LOVE LOVE the brownies!!! I have made them 3 times, and I dare anyone to pick them out of a regular brownie line up. They are heaven. As a mom, I thank you for sharing your hard work, done for your child, with my child. Hugs!

  • andrea

    this is amazing it is the best blend i’ve found. I can use it cup for cup for better baked goods tahn when using all purpose regualr flour.

  • Kathy kapalka

    Hi Silvana, I purchased your cookbook “cooking for Isaiah” and I love it. The reason I am writing is I am looking for the sandwich bread recipe that I have heard so much about. My husband and I are celiac and try to eat gluten free. I have the recipe for the all purpose flour blend. Is there a way that I can find the recipe for sandwich bread. I would also like to have your recipe for your biscotti and fig-and-rosemary wine crackers. Thank you for your help. Kathy

  • Carol Wiley

    Silvana, I have been using your gluten-free flour mix in a lot of the recipes that I use and it works wonderfully. I have one cookie recipe that doesn’t seems to work as well with it. The cookies taste grainy and I can’t figure out what to change and not sure why it would be. The ingredients are 1 cup flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, dash of soda, 1/3 C shortening, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 beaten egg, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 C mashed banana and chocolate chips. Do you see anything that needs to change? I am also using arrowroot starch in my mix, instead of potato starch. Thanks!

  • Tara

    Silvana, my son has several severe food allergies, one of which is to wheat. I love, love, love your flour blend. It has worked well in every recipe I have tried with it. Once, I ran out your flour blend and bought a pre-made GF flour blend. No comparison. Thank you for sharing your expertise with those of us in similar situations, but without your gift. I love the Cooking for Isaiah cookbook and the heart with which it is written.

  • Shelley

    I love your GF flour recipe. I am trying to find directions for your GF pancake mix. My son prefers basic pancakes/waffles. I have read Cooking for Isaiah cover to cover as well as searched on here. Since store bought mixes vary in what needs to be added, such as milk, oil, eggs, I thought I would inquire how you prepare basic pancakes/waffles using your GF pancake/waffle mix. What do you add with the mix to create a basic batter?

  • Kathy Kapalka

    Dear Silvana, you have helped me so much in my search for really good GF cooking and baking. I have your cookbook “Cooking for Isaiah” and I love the recipes. My question is where can I find your basic sandwich bread recipe. I have signed up online for your weekly recipe but I can’t seem to get on the list. Please can you help me to figure this out. I would also like your fig-rosemary wine cracker and biscotti recipes if you give these out.
    Thank you so much.

    • Kathy kapalka

      How do I get your newsletter? So far I have signed up but received nothing. I am very interested in your recipe for sandwich bread but have not been able to find that either. Can you help?
      Thank you

  • Sara

    Good Morning! Do you have the nutrition information for this mix somewhere? I have not been able to find it.. Thanks!

  • Anabella

    I just discover your blog, it is out of this world. I would like to know if I can replace the tapioca flour with something else (I react really bad to tapioca). Thanks.

  • Michael

    Silvana I ordered your book a few months ago and I’m excited the get it in the mail. My big question is this: we love your flour so much we use it all the time. Will this flour or All Purpose Flour carry onward in your new book with new recipes or have you revamped the entire All Purpose Flour with new ingredients?

  • Laurie Fisher

    Oh! I’ve been “chewing” on my new book for almost a week and can’t wait to stock my pantry with your suggestions and beautiful jars of pre made mixes. Thank you for all the late nights, frustration and perseverance that you have been through in order to share and guide us! I intend to not only “cook the book”, but gobble it up too! Xo

  • Lisa V.

    HI, I was just recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and they say to be gluten free, grain free, diary free and soy free. Would your flour mixture be ok for me? So much to learn.

  • Aly

    Hi Silvana,

    Great site! I stumbled upon it through the Zoe Bakes site which I have been an avid follower for years now.

    Just one question, I tend to react to tapioca flour, even the slightest amounts of it create a very metallic taste in my mouth. What would be the closest substitute to this ingredient? I understand that it would cause a difference in the final product, but it would no doubt have a better outcome than a flour with Tapioca in it for me!


  • Jessica L


    I am interested in making my own gluten free flour blends, can you provide tips or advices on making my own flour?

  • Heidi

    I am looking for a recipe for pizza dough. I found your blog on food network, then checked out your website. I found a different recipe for sandwich loaf bread. Can I use the sandwich loaf bread and pizza dough mix for both? I am having trouble finding recipes that are with similar flours

  • Meggan

    Hello! I love your cookbook! I have all the ingredients for your all purpose flour mix, and am wondering if there is a sandwich bread recipe using this flour blend. I see your other sandwich bread recipe uses different flours. Would love a recipe using this flour!


    HI, how can I see the recipes? Just subscribed to your newsletter but am not able to see any recipes, I’m checking from my mobile though, could that be the reason? Thanks

  • Joy

    Hi, I am from South Africa and we are only just starting to get gluten free items available. Wish we could get your products here. Am making your bread, “Isaiah’s bread” but don’t seem to get it right. It comes out very moist and has lots of big holes in it. Is the method on youtube? It would help to see exactly what the raw dough looks like. The bread does, however, taste very nice. Thank you for sharing with us. It can be so overwhelming having someone in the family who has been diagnosed with Celiac. There is no one to really turn to or advise in this part of the world. Even dietitians are at a loss and just say “don’t eat anything with gluten in!” but not a word about how to adapt and adjust. But I am learning slowly with a lot of experimenting. So glad I found your site. I am sure it is going to be a big help! Thank you once again

  • Barbara Doherty

    I’m a bit confused about the sandwich loaf bread recipe. We put the dough to a regular loaf pan for rising; step 3 instructs us to spray a cast iron loaf pan w/ cooking spray; step 4 says to bake… I remove the risen bred from the regular loaf pan, after it has risen, into the cast iron loaf pan? Do I have to let it rise again before baking? Thanks for any help on this and I can hardly wait to make the bread! Our granddaughter has serious intolerances to gluten and dairy and your “Silvana’s Gluten Free and Dairy Free Kitchen” has been to help her not feel so different and left out of wonderful food at meal time. All of the family enjoys the food! Thanks for your tenacity while working on all of these recipes!